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It compensates for material damage that you or a member of your family would have caused to a third party: breakage, loss, damage, deterioration, ...

It also compensates thirth parties for bodily injury: medical expenses due to injury, compensation for incapacity, ...

This insurance is equally essential for families as for isolated persons.


Third Party Liability: Coverage damage to third parties (including vehicle passengers) for which the driver can be held liable.

Mini Casco: This insurance covers damage to your vehicle caused by fire, theft, car window breakage, natural disaster or animal strike

Full Casco: In addition to the damage covered by the Mini Casco, it covers accidental or consequential damage to acts of vandalism.

Legal Protection: It helps you to obtain the best settlement of your claim and takes care of the possible costs of lawyer or expert.

Drivers: It takes care of the compensation for bodily injuries suffered by the driver of the vehicle, as these are not covered by the basic insurance (civil liability).

Student travel
Student travel

The Student insurance offers a specific and extensive coverage for a very reasonable budget. 

Medical expenses and hospitalization following illness and accident: The insurer will take care of all the costs remaining at your expense

Emergency dental expenses: These costs are insured up to 250 € per year.

Assistance: You are covered for medical transportation or repatriation.

Loss of luggage and personal effects: Your luggage is covered up to 1500 € and your personal items up to 5000 €.


Private life accidents can occur frequently and in all circumstances: practicing a sport, DIY, gardening, traveling by bike ...    This insurance supplements the intervention of the mutual insurance, the hospitalization insurance, the insurance of the school...   It pays compensation to cover expenses that are not covered. 

Following accidental death of the insured, the insurer pays the insured capital to the beneficiaries (spouse, children, ...).

Permanent disability
The insured who retains a permanent disability following a private life accident is financially supported by the payment of compensation.


This insurance guarantees you 24-hours-a-day technical assistance to the immobilized vehicle and assistance to people in case of illness or accident. 

Vehicle assistance in Europe
Following a car breakdown or an accident, the assistant repairs or tows your immobilized vehicle to your home or garage.

Worldwide assistance for people (outside Belgium)
This insurance covers repatriation, assistance in case of hospitalization, mountain rescue costs,…

Assistance and support while traveling abroad
The insurer assists you in the context of administrative procedures (loss of documents or luggage) or legal procedures (legal fees, cash advance) or if you must obtain essential medicines.

Luggage Insurance
This guarantee makes it possible to be compensated in the event of theft, destruction, loss or delayed delivery of luggage.